11 January 2018: Unreal City opens at Firstdraft, Woolloomoolloo. Unreal City is a curatorial project by Sarah Rees and includes work by Anna Kristensen, Bonita Bub, Joshua Petherick, Lewis Fidock, Mitch Cairns, Sanne Mestrom, Thomas Jeppe and myself.

13 October 2017: My solo presentation Womanchrist opens at Alaska Projects, Kings Cross. Friday 13 October 2017, 6 pm.

1 July 2017: Work complete on Grey Nurse. This public artwork was commissioned by Parramatta City Council and stands opposite Westmead Hospital in the Helen Street Sensory Garden. Photographs and more information provided under the Public Art heading Grey Nurse.

24 March 2017: Losing Farther, Losing Faster opens at Alaska Projects, Kings Cross. Curated by Bradley Vincent.

17 August 2016: Spring 1883 will be held at the Hotel Windsor, Melbourne from 17 - 21 August 2016. Feudal Games and An Anarchist Poet in the Civil Service will be showing in the Alaska Projects suite.

30 March 2016: Neuro P.2 Lov opens at Alaska Projects. This will be my first solo show in Sydney. Opens Wednesday 30 March at 6 pm.

24 February 2016: It’s hard to hear the distance between the wind and waves breaking opens at BUS Projects, Melbourne. A group show curated by Brendan McCleary, showing work by Saskia Doherty, Allora & Calzadilla and myself.

12 November 2015: Group show of artists resident at Parramatta Artists Studios opens in the Ideas Platform at Artspace. Opening at 6 pm, Thursday 12 November and running until 12 December. Diplomacy and Their True Sexual Natures.

11 November 2015: The group show Sweet Relief opens at Gallery 9. Opening at 6 pm, Wednesday 11 November. Show runs until 28 November.

1 October 2015: Influence opens at the Fire Station Arts Centre in Dubbo. Sonnet and Civil Bodies III will be on view until 16 October.

12 July 2015: Check In opens at Merry Crisis at 5 pm. Ecstasy A and Ecstasy 2. Rural Smile will be on view for a month.

12 June 2015 : The Chapter House Lane Annual Fundraiser opens on Friday 12 June at 5.30 pm. An exciting collection of artworks available in support of a great space. her experience of history and his experience of the law will be available and on view through the month of June.

22 May 2015: biggie smalls opens at Casula Powerhouse. Opening at 6 pm, Friday 22 May 2015. The Western Wards series is on view until 5 July 2015.

2 April 2015: Very excited to announce my first solo exhibition Negative at Chapter House Lane, Melbourne. Opening from 6-8 pm, Thursday 2 April 2015; the show runs until 3 May 2015.

21 February 2015: Then, Now, Tomorrow - After the War opens at Peacock Gallery, Auburn. Curated by Nicole Barakat. Tuerbe and Theatre will be on view until 17 May 2015.

12 December 2014: Pollinator is on view at Hawkesbury Regional Gallery until Sunday 8 February 2015.

24 October 2014: Announced as finalist in the Fisher's Ghost Art Prize. The Scorpion Sonatas will be on view at Campbelltown Art Centre until 14 December.

14 October 2014: Arrival | Revival opens at Parramatta Riverside Theatre as part of Parramasala and is open until 19 October.

26 July 2014: Site Lines: Tarik Ahlip, Linda Brescia, Heath Franco, Abdullah M.I. Syed opening at The Cross Art Projects. The Scorpion Sonatas and Civil Bodies I are on view until 16 August.